Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas is Around the Corner

Can't believe it's Christmas in just two days. I've always like this time of the year. The togetherness of families and friends it brings. When we were younger it was always my family that hosts the big Christmas dinner. 5-6 families would come to our house to for big dinner, older grandparents would play ma-jong all night and the kids would just mingle and play. We would almost always cook the same foods for as long as I can remember. A roast beef with gravy, sweet corn, cooked ham, potatoes, rice, vegetables, garlic bread and a lasagna.

After my mom and dad split in 2005, I moved into a smaller house with my brother and dad. We no longer have the extended family dinner over for Christmas. Everyone have grown up now, my cousins are married, and one just had a baby boy. I'm actually the next in line to get married. Ha! Not happening. It is strange now because the only time I'll see my extended family will be on Chinese New Year and at funerals.

This year we are having a small dinner at my mom's place. Including my cousin family, grandma, great aunt and great uncle and F and his family. We are not doing our traditional roast but will be doing a Hot Pot!

Oh, and I've been getting questions on my emo comment I made on Facebook today: Why do people give each other gifts on Christmas Day? Unless you can get me a pair of new lungs, please do not get me anything.

I just don't get why people get so stressed about finding a gift and shopping mad at the mall. !!!???!!

I only purchased for three people his year so consider you three my favorite people. Hahahaha. And they are not my family. We don't do gifts.

So happy holiday and merry Christmas to all. Thank you to following along our journey.


  1. What is a Hot Pot??

    Merry Christmas!

    1. Hot Pot is kind of like a Chinese fondue. So instead of chocolate/cheese, we use stock as a base then add ingredients such as prawns, fish balls, beef slices, tofu, spinach, dumplings, and noodles to cook in the soup to eat. Then you can dip the cooked food into soy sauce/garlic/sesame oil to eat!


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