Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Off with Your Hair

I want to write more but my life is so boring now there is nothing to talk about. Oh, I know, let me share with you my shitty experience at the hair salon last week. I finally decided to cut off my hair. All 18" of it. Pretty bold move as I never had hair this short before. =(

I purchased a Groupon for a haircut and colour. Book appointment and arrived on time. The lady saw me and said she will not colour my hair because I was wearing oxygen. Wtf! I understand that the strong smell can irritate you but I had my hair colored before and it was not a problem.

She said she would only color my hair if I bought a doctor letter. Uhh no, I'm not coming back with a note. Fine, so I asked if they can colour my mom's hair instead. She said, NO, can not open a separate file. Wtf bitch! She showed no compassionate whatsoever. I think she was the manager too.

How convenient for them that the service is already paid for. I'm pretty sure if I was a regular customer they would have no problem taking my money. I am so pisssed! I am still so pissed thinking about it. Isn't this like discrimination!?

I emailed Groupon about my experience and waiting for their response. I would be happy with a refund and a blast on the intarweb bad mouthing this salon. I already wrote angry comments on yelp, yellowpages, and ratemysalon.



  1. That's crap! Definitely spread the word and shame them!
    They should apologize too... but they're not worth any more of your time. So try to forget about it. Some people just suck.

    Some Groupons are legitimately great deals, but many others are scams. Many have fine print that will make you spend more $ than you anticipated. And some will give you a lot less (e.g. service, quality, basic compassion, etc.) than was advertised.

    I've had a few bad experiences myself. At the very least, Groupon has always been good about and refunded the $ without much hassle.

    PS: Nice haircut!

    1. I know right! I requested a refund from Groupon after they requested that a provide them a phone number for the salon to call me. Fuck. I don't want to speak to them ever again. I just give them my email and request for a refund.

      We'll see what happens...

  2. That is suuuuuch fucking bullshit, I'm mad for you!
    You better get some money back...
    Let me know what happens!
    I've never heard of a groupon?
    But seriously, this is just WRONG.

    I'm excited to see a picture of you with your short hair, by the way, I know you'll still look good as you're beautiful already. Oh, yea, the one you took with your phone after your hair cut doesn't count- lol ;)

    1. What you don't know Groupon? Basically you purchased the deal online for cheap and you claim the voucher at the store/salon/restaurant etc. I paid $38 for cut and color. But lost out on the color part which makes this deal shitty.

  3. I got an update! Finally received a refund of $38. They gave me a Groupon credit which is better than nothing. It took 15 days for them to refund me.


Thank you.